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ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference
Bob Rohner Presenting
ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference
 Dr. Michael McKubre comments
ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference
Dannel Roberts supporting

  Dr. Mckubre is an internationally-recognized authority on alternative energy. He is an electro-chemist at the forefront of cold fusion energy development , served as director of the Energy Research Center at SRI International and is a widely published and popular lecturer at scientific conferences worldwide.  Some of you may remember him from his 60 Minutes television appearance entitled Cold Fusion is  Hot Again. Has helped and supported the Rohner Group in our search for the truth.
 Dannel whose help along with that of his daughter helped me to decide what to show at this conference and how to go about it. Dannel is a successful businessman, author, and is currently attempting to rewrite the geometry of physics in an attempt to explain what cannot be explained.

There are two other scientist advisors and friends I wish to mention - Dr. Frank Andres of Spokane, Washington and Dr. JP Claybourne of Wildwood, Florida. Both these men are reaching an age where it is hard for them to travel. However, They both remain are knowledgeable and supportive. An unusual aspect of new and far out technology is that it appears to attract the old and experienced rather the young and certain.  

"Michael McKubre" <michael.mckubre@sri.com>
I believe you and I trust your observations. I am confident that Papp's engine ran for extended periods and did not get hot enough to account for 70% of the energy being dumped as heat. Thus the process is not thermodynamic, and Carnot (and maybe the gas law PV=nRT) does/do not apply. These are very strong statements that I do not make lightly (and am not ready to make publicly until I have examined these systems experimentally myself). But these are both statements about equilibrium conditions in closed systems - neither of which conditions may apply. I know that the plasma pulse produces electricity in large and strange amounts. Your two capacitor experiments verify this  So we have odd electricity and odd energy - both real and I believe coupled.
To really do this job we need a well equipped lab, and able experts willing to suspend disbelief. I am very impressed with the progress you are making essentially on your own now. I would love to help even though you have crossed into territory that is outside my training or experience.

 TRIL1952 1 week ago

Thanks for posting this video. As a follower of the the Papp saga I find this to be a significant demonstration for proof of concept. Keep up the good work.
 thinkofwhy 1 week ago

Now, that's something I can get excited about.

 firepinto 1 week ago

Thank you Bob. The test engine looks excellent! It's refreshing to see some honest hard work. :-)

 SmartScarecrow 1 week ago

Bob, whenever you are ready, you know you are welcome to do a presentation for my audience ... many of my regulars would really appreciate the opportunity to interact with you in a live audio/video format ...

News update   on an actual Plasma engine!
Revolution - Green   
steadiworkz 8 months ago

Sounds brilliant, whats in the pipeline for this tech ?
 150MilesPerGallon 8 months ago

Great video. Thank you for posting this video up.

vrand01 6 months ago

Hello Bob Rohner
I would like to start by saying sorry for the loss of your brother Tom, may he rest in peace.
Your decades of work in the famous Joe Papp noble gas engine, we all thank you for your perseverance and in sharing your this very interesting breakthrough energy technology. Keep up the good work!


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