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Single cylinder   - Paschen proof - Coil proof - Gas mix proof - Twin cylinder prep - Roberts Rotary prep - Cross over energy
Tom and I, joined by our talented LLC members, started the restoration research in 2008. We  first gathered and compiled our considerable amount of data in a searchable fashion. Then, the  equipment on hand was cataloged and  purchases made for additional engine equipment where available. The decision was made not to use the actual operational equipment from the Papp era for fear of destroying possible evidence. 

Many long discussions among our partners led to a multi-step plan. First, would be the use of a single cylinder to test the gases and voltages involved. Additional test fixtures and engines would be built as the search directed.   Somewhat surprisingly, much of the original information furnished by the inventor, Joseph Papp,  originally thought to be misleading turned out to be accurate.  
Bob discusses the progress that has been made
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The setup and operation of the Single Cylinder 
Single Cylinder with sleeve removed.
Single Cylinder base with septum/Vacuum ports
Single Cylinder base complete assembly view
Inert Gas Plasma Color Chart
Single Cylinder assembled on cart for show
Twin cylinder crossover fixture initial run
View of electrodes and Anode & Cathode "buckets"
Robert's Rotary prototype initial run
Full Stroke Engine with full excitement
Full Stroke Engine less excitement circuitry
Ignition trigger and Inductor tests
Twenty Minute - no heat demonstration
Free Air Ionization and plasma creation
Inert Gas Pre-mix Tank and regulator with septum
Stainless Steel Piston Sleeves
Progress Commentary from 2011
Early Testing 2009 - 2010
More Early Testing 2010
Early Horizontal Test Piston Assembly
Capture Setup for In-Rush Current