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RGEnergy (Rohner Group LLC)  was formed by Bob & Tom Rohner to restore the lost technology developed by Joseph Papp. Mr. Papp died before disclosing the exact fuel mixture and excitation parameters required. It's members include two physicists and four engineers as well as other supporters in various roles. The common factor among all the members is the desire to leave the world with a legacy of freedom from the torment being caused by irreplaceable chemical energies

RGEnergy plans to function only as a technology repository, carrying our initial involvement only as only as far as the creation of a fully functional serial engine . It has no desire to become involved in the manufacture, licensing, or marketing of the eventual products. These functions rightfully belong to the major engine manufacturers who have the equipment, know-how, and personnel  to manufacture dependable and economical short blocks.  To reinvent the wheel is not necessary. 

About our involvement with the Inventor:

Both Tom Rohner and Bob Rohner were associates of Joseph Papp. Each concentrated on their fields of expertise on building and successfully running the Papp Technology engine. Tom dealt with the very sophisticated electronics while Bob work on the mechanical engine.

Tom spent many weeks and months learning the secrets from Papp to control the timing and excitation required to make the engine run. From knowledge learned from Papp, Tom created sophisticated electronics to precisely control components and provide a unique digital & RF signature to massage and energize the gases. Its true function completely hidden and non-reproducible except by Tom or Papp.

“Papp provided Tom some last minute changes so the fuel could be mixed within the cylinder. Over the years numerous engines were built by others, they tried to reproduce the electronics. They thought they understood the magic, not one ever worked. Papp said before he died it would take both Bob and Tom Rohner to make it run." said Tom.

​All engines you see running on anybody's videos were built right here at Rohner Machine by Tom and Bob Rohner. The dynamometer you see in all the videos is an AW Tractor tester Bob purchased right here in West Liberty and mounted for Joe. 

Beside ourselves, many, many other scientists, mechanics, investors and others watched the engine run. Papp was willing to show it to about anyone. He was not willing to part with it without receiving huge sums of cash. His paranoia was always sufficient to scare any truly large investors. Investors offer royalty, inventors want cash. We could argue the pros and cons of why he never completely revealed his secrets without ever achieving a constructive answer.

We are always asked why we never pursued this project on our own after Papp died. The answer is of course money. We had a families with young kids a mortgage and bills. During this time period, oil and gas were cheap. There was no large amount of pressure to develop new fuel replacements. Engine ideas such as this were more of a curiosity than a necessity. Papp's actions while he was alive did not serve to create a lot of confidence in investors. The idea of any sort of cold fusion process was considered to be either stupid or starwars fiction by the scientific community. 

We can attest to the following:

1. The engine ran. It ran with no hidden wires of any kind. We know this to be true. We stopped it, took the fuel cells out, rolled it over, took it apart, reassembled it, put the fuel cells back. We then started it and it ran for hours.

2. No combustible material was ever used. It’s a closed loop system. Even if something combustible were placed in the fuel cell, it would only run for seconds not weeks on end.

3. We have a copy of the affidavit and have talked with the people who certified the power and operational tests completed for the Patent Office.

4. Power tests were conducted showing horse power in excess of a 100hp. For those who say it was driven by an electric motor, have you ever seen the size of a 100hp electric motor? It’s huge.

5. No one has replicated the electronic or magnetic controls accurately. Without it, it will never run again.

We always felt at the right time reasonable people would come together. People who wanted to be a team and work as a team for the good of the world. Who understood each brought high value. 
RGEnergy is sad to announce that one of the founders and a key player throughout the development and restoration of this engine died in 2011. Tom Rohner fought a long and painful battle with pancreatic cancer but lost in the end. 

Tom was the sole designer of the control system used on the Rohner version of the Papp Engine. The only engines built by any entity that operated solely on the rare gasses. He worked many months both alone and with Joseph Papp to refine the controls as presented in the patent. His notes, descriptions, and technically sound input continue to show the way in resolving the issues at hand. He was here at the beginning and deserved to be here at the end. ​Tom will always be a part of this company.
The Rohner Group Energy Team

The RGEnergy Plasma Engine Team
Our team has strong technologists and successful management experience. Most importantly, we have a strong orientation towards teamwork, experience and strong passion for translating our vision into reality. We have flexibility to adapt changes in business strategies and plans. The management have unquestioned integrity, proven experience and the ability and motivation to develop the company into a significant enterprise.

Robert Rohner – Mechanical Engineer
Bob Rohner was the mechanical design engineer for the original Inert Gas Energy engine. He is president of Rohner Engineering, an independent prototype and production facility. During his 40 years of manufacturing, and engineering, he has designed and built numerous complex electro-mechanical devices. Bob has served on the local city council and community development commission. He is a member of the engineering honoraries, Tau Beta Pi and Pi Tau Sigma and holds an MBA from the University of Iowa.

Thomas Rohner – Electrical Engineer
Tom Rohner was the electrical design engineer for the original Inert Gas Energy engine. He was president of Advanced Informatics a custom manufacturer of computers and linear amplifiers. He worked with Tandem Computers Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Company as the Chief Java/J2EE/CORBA Architect on Technical Staff. His current work is on the staff at Pearson Assessment and Education as the Chief Senior Architect for SOA. Tom is widely published and has presented at every major Object Oriented and Distributed Conference around the world. He holds patents in Digital Distance Sensing and NSMessageStreams.

Sabatov Nissim – Managing Engineer.
Nissim joins the design team as our project manager. In addition, he will be working specifically in the Inert Gas sealing areas of the engine. He has more than 20 years experience in the management of multi-discipline and multi-million dollar projects for Elbit Systems. Nissim established RIT Technologies (NASDAQ:RITT), a company that designs and manufactures communication systems for large enterprises. He also established and managed Tiltan Aero Projects which performed projects for aircraft and missiles companies. He has a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and a M.Sc. in aeronautical engineering and management.

Dr. Frank Andres – Project Scientist
Dr. Andres is the research physicists charged with discovery of the secrets as yet unknown regarding the Inert Gas Energy engine process. His work experience includes testing of steels for nuclear propulsion, bearing tests for the atomic submarine “Nautilus”, fabrication of fuel plates for nuclear powered Ram Jet Engines, moon sample analysis, crystal growth of laser materials, and much, much, more. Dr. Andres worked as executive vice president and general manager of Yuba Goldfield, Inc. a company involved in placer mining, sand and gravel operations, and public use areas. His latest work is in the geomicrobial materials research for which he has several patents pending and in the Inert Gas energy engine research where he has obtained documented results.

Dr. J.P. Claybourne - Science Advisor.
Dr. Claybourne is a retiree from NASA. He has worked as a design engineer for the manufacture of movie cameras followed by research and development of torpedo countermeasures for the US Navy. He then entered the space program in the guidance and Control Laboratory of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency. At Kennedy Space Center, Dr. Claybourne was in program management during the Apollo lunar landing program. He was involved in advanced planning for the space shuttle and applications when he retired. He is the author of “Myths and Misconception in Modern Physics.” He has spent his retirement involved in the Inert Gas Energy engine research effort and published numerous papers in this regard.

Other Team Assets
In addition to the above technical members, the Rohner Group LLC also has individuals in the legal, accounting, health, business, and engineering fields. All member have signed binding non-disclosurer and non-compete Agreements and in all cases have assigned any and all technical data to the LLC either discovered or yet to be discovered. This includes several pending patents and other copyrighted materials.